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Basic repairs and modifications of parts and components based on requirements and technical documents.

  • Removal of burs and excess material
  • Assembly and disassembly of components for further production
  • Adjustment of part dimensions according to technical drawings
  • Application of protective films and foils on parts and components
  • Cleaning and polishing of painted parts


100% input, inter-operational and output inspection of parts and components based on work instructions. Inspection and sorting of parts from dispatch to the production line and then to the stock

  • Visual inspection of parts and components
  • Checking and measuring lengths, thickness, joints
  • Checking component functionality
  • Checking deformations by touch
  • Noise control

Temporary employment agency

We ensure and provide temporary employment services to employees for temporary work, under pre-agreed conditions which are concluded in a written agreement on temporary assignment.

We enter into an employment relationship with an employee, which makes them his/her employer. Based on the contract, we provide him/her with a pre-agreed wage. The employee is then assigned to the company in which he/she performs the job according to the company’s instructions.

3D measurements

In cooperation with a certified laboratory according to SNAS and EN ISO/IEC 17 025, we can provide specific measurements by various methods according to the requirements of our customers, whether in the verification of new part deliveries or in retraining tests of parts and verification of suppliers.

  • Collecting parts directly at the customer
  • Measurement report according to customer needs


We have our own storage facilities from 180m2 to 880m2 in which we can provide material storage, external sorting, rework and complete services from the transport of material to its storage using handling equipment.

  • Logistics services
  • Storage
  • Handling technology
  • Premises secured by a private security service company

About us

“QUALITY MATTERS.” The motto that our young and promising team applies daily to their work. We do our best for your satisfaction because we approach each project individually and responsibly. Your requirements are our number one priority which is why we emphasize mutual communication.

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Where can you find us?

We are located in the centre of Malacky, but, thanks to our flexibility, our operations have no boundaries. You can find M&M Personal quality in every corner of Slovakia, but also in the Czech Republic (Brěclav).